Lesbian and Gay Solidarity Network // Manifesto

We are a network of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals who recognize the need for a new and radically different form of LGB organizing, aware of the fact that the fight for the rights of sexual minorities lead today is inefficient and often counterproductive. We believe that our organisation must be based on the shared fact of same-sex attraction, not the hyperproduction of various identities – so we gather under the shared abbreviation LGB. We believe that the liberation of the sexual minorities cannot be imagined outside the frame of class struggle and women’s liberation.

We advocate for LGB organizing based on principles of working-class struggle, and not elitism – one that would be able to oppose homophobia where it hits most directly: the working class. We also believe that our fight is being led on the streets and in the workplaces, and that the focus must be shifted from the topics of mere media representation to the questions of existential importance – housing and dignified work. What we need is solidarity with workers, as well as workers’ solidarity, and not concessions from the ruling class.

We advocate for LGB organizing that will be feminist, not mysoginist – which will recognize the ways in which homophobia is inseparable from structural misogyny and gender roles that society forces on us. Thus we believe that our fight must stand in solidarity with women’s liberation and its goals, such as abolition of prostitution, surrogacy and the pornography industry. Acknowledging the fact that oppression of women is based on sex, we commit to being part of the fight against new forms of attacks on women’s rights, that reduce women to groundless identities and consequently redefine homosexuality as “same-gender” attraction.

We advocate for LGB organizing that centers the right to same-sex attraction, to a safe and dignified life, and not sex and particular sexual practices. There is no place for the normalization of various forms of fetishism in the fight for liberation of sexual minorities.

We advocate for LGB organizing based on our minority status, one that wouldn’t seek numbers in coalitions with heterosexuals who attach to the abbreviation through identities which are in no way grounded in material reality. Also, we recognize “queer” as a term used in theory and politics to justify these rotten coalitions and to reduce our status to a fictional identity and as such, we entirely reject it. 

We advocate for LGB organizing that recognizes both old and new forms of conversion therapy (“curing” homosexuality) and uncompromisingly fights against them. Social pressure to have relationships with the people of the opposite sex, as well as hormone and surgical interventions meant to “fix” one’s body are just new and more perfidious forms of the same old conversion therapy.

We advocate for LGB organizing based on the principle of free speech, one that would fight for its goals by winning the democratic support of the working majority, and not the mercy of the ruling class. We do not rely on the supposed ban of homophobia in the public discourse as means of its eradication.

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